Fire Safety Signs Regulations You Must Be Aware Of

Fire Safety Signs Regulations You Must Be Aware Of

It takes an expert to spot fire safety hazards and not everyone has the expertise on how to respond in case of a fire. One of the methods of guiding the people present in the building is to place appropriate fire signage. The fire exit signs play a critical role in ensuring the employees or residents of the building are aware how to exit the building safely.

Similarly, there are several other types of fire safety signs that all commercial and residential buildings are legally required to install as described in this article.

Fire Safety Signs Guide

There are many types of signs buildings can use for fire safety. There are also several rules and regulations pertaining to this.Listed here are the common safety signs:

  • ➡️Emergency Exit: Place clearly visible signs to direct the people to the closest exit. This is similar to the ‘Fire Exist’ sign.

  • ➡️Fire Assembly Point: Every building will have a safe zone for those present in the building to gather once they exit the building. This should ideally be marked with a clear sign like this.

  • ➡️Fire Equipment: As the sign suggests the main purpose of this sign is to notify the people as to where the fire equipment is. Using such equipment can help save lives and reduce the damage to the property.

  • ➡️Fire Extinguisher Sign: A fire extinguisher is useful to put out small fires. It also plays a vital role in keeping the fire under control till the authorities arrive. Place a sign to guide people as to where it is.

  • ➡️Fire Alarm: Place an appropriate sign like this to ensure one can find the alarm switch with ease in case of an emergency.

Common Safety Signs Regulations

Several rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the people at a workplace and their homes. It is mandatory to place several basic fire action notices like assembly point, fire exit, etc. These rules tend to vary depending on the nature of the hazards and the type of industry.

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