Top 10 Fire Safety Tips For Property Owners

Top 10 Fire Safety Tips For Property Owners

A high percentage of landlords take fire safety for granted. Their lack of knowledge and training on matters pertaining to fire hazards is one of the reasons for the high house fire rate and loss of property and life. There are some disturbing statistics pertaining to fires in India: 

  • ➡️Approximately 25000 people die every year due to fire.

  • ➡️Females account for 66% of fire-related deaths. 

Installing the right fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers and having the proper training to use them can help save lives and damage to property. This article provides essential fire safety tips.

Top 10 Fire Safety Tips evacuation plan as well as plan on how to deal with the fire

  • ➡️Prepare an emergency plan: Always have a plan of action ready in case of a fire.  
  • ➡️Invest in good equipment like smoke management systems, etc. 
  • ➡️It is vital that landlords as well as the staff or residents have the necessary training to operate fire safety equipment and handle all types of fires. 
  • ➡️Having a well-defined escape route in case of a fire can help save lives.  
  • ➡️Safety signs are the key to finding the fire fighting equipment, spotting the escape routes, and warning of potential hazards.  
  • ➡️Periodic fire drills can help the residents prepare in case of a fire. 
  • ➡️Ensure the fire equipment is in working order by testing it regularly.  
  • ➡️Check for fire hazards on a routine basis and all potential fire hazards.    
  • ➡️Always store items in the right manner to keep prevent fires 
  • ➡️A kitchen is a place where fire tends to occur. Take necessary fire persuasions while cooking and for the electrical equipment.  

Main Causes of Fires

Some of the main causes of fires include cookers, heating equipment, candles, children, grills, and lack of fire prevention and knowledge on how to escape a fire 

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