Types of PPE and its Usage

Types of PPE and its Usage

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as the name suggests is meant to keep you safe in various situations. There are many types of PPE which can protect you from several dangers like exposure to dangerous chemicals, radiation, electrical shock, fire and more. Some of the popular equipment include gloves, safety glasses, special shoes, ear plugs, special jackets and more. This article goes on to explain the types of PPE and their usage.

Types of PPE

There are many types of PPE like that for the face, eyes, body protection, etc. Listed here are some of them:

➡️  Eye and face protection: Special eyewear to protect from the dangers at hand Safety goggles.

➡️  Hand protection: Gloves help protect your hands from harmful chemicals  and also protect from harsh weather conditions and sharp objects.

➡️  Body protection: There are many situations where it is necessary to protect the body. This can be a lab coat or jackets that are flame retardant.

➡️  Hearing: High decibels are harmful to us hence it is necessary to use protective equipment to avoid damaging the ears.

➡️  Respiratory: This type of equipment is often necessary if one has a medical condition or there are special requirements in the work environment.

➡️  Feet: Special shoes are necessary for those working in places that contain harmful chemicals or stones. Decent protective shoes can help protect from oil spills, harmful chemicals as well as fire.

➡️  Fall: There are many types of clothes and protective gear one can use to protect themselves when they fall.

➡️  Head: Protective gear like the helmet, etc. are useful in many places like at a construction site as well as during a fire.

Common Applications of PPE

➡️  Respiratory equipment is used in places where it is dangerous to breathe or the air might be contaminated.

➡️  Protection for head and feet from falling material

➡️  Eye protection to save them from places or sparks.

➡️  Protecting skin from corrosive substances

➡️  Jackets or gloves to protect from extreme cold, heat or fire.

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